Frequently Asked Questions

That depends. When we have the parts in stock we can usually complete the job on the same day you call. Where parts have to be ordered we will do our best to make a temporary repair so that you can continue to use the door until the new parts arrive. At all times the safety of you and your property is of paramount importance and our technicians will be sure to leave you able to secure your premises without risk of personal danger to yourself.
We can restore and refinish knocks, dents, splits and scratches in solid wood, veneers, laminate covered and even foiled coated residential doors.
Yes. Usually with garage door openers we have to realign eyes and replace stripped gears. Sometimes we find that circuit boards, limit switches, motors, drive chains and belts, brackets and trolleys may need replacing
This all depends on how much damage there is. In many cases it is possible to replace just a section. Our technicians can advise on the possibilities and carry out the repair. However, if you do need a replacement door they are also able to offer you a comprehensive list of options customized to suit your needs and budget.
We suggest that you opt for our affordable yearly maintenance inspection plan. Our technicians will be pleased to check over your installation, lubricate hinges and rollers and inspect all parts so that your doors keep on operating trouble free for many years to come. At all times if your door becomes loose, or springs snap or chains break call us immediately on. Loose doors are heavy and can cause injury and damage to property if not promptly fixed. Let us help you stay secure