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A small investment in regular preventative maintenance is one of the best things you can do to keep your garage door looking its best and working reliably for the long-term. As much as we like to think of them as something that can be left alone, garage doors contain many moving parts that require inspection and routine service to prevent wear and tear.Not many people give much consideration to their garage doors, but as a maintenance and repair company specializing in garage doors and automatic garage door openers, we believe it’s one of the most important features of your house. Your garage door: Is the primary point of entry and exit for large items, like furniture, and often you and your family Contributes to insulating your house from extreme temperatures Protects your car or anything else you choose to store in the garage from the elements Allows you to avoid direct exposure to the elements as you and your family come and go

Your Safety and Security is Important for Us

Your garage door is the first line of defense in your home against rain, snow, wind, pest infestation and intruders, but it must be maintained to ensure consistent, excellent performance. Because garage doors are bigger and more complicated than other types of doors in your home — garage doors have sliding panels, tracks and machines that open and close them — they’re more vulnerable to malfunction and require more maintenance. We cover all the areas of garage door services from permitting to final inspection. With years of experience in this industry and team of experts in the field we are here to provide you best roofing experience possible. Give us a call today!

What’s Involved?

Our standard 21-point preventative maintenance plan includes a complete visual inspection and lubrication of all moving parts, including your garage door’s: Springs Rollers Hinges and hardware Bearings Gears and rails And more. Our team will also check critical components such as the unit’s tension spring mounting pad, cables, chain and belt, weather seals and locks. They will inspect door sections for corrosion and other signs of damage, perform a UL 325 safety reverse test, and confirm that the keyless entry system and other electrical components are working as they should.

Project Closeout and Handover

We give a great deal of importance to project commissioning , closeout and handover.