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Sagging Garage Doors

A sagging or bowing garage door is a drag, and once your door starts to sag, you typically have two options. Attempt to repair the sag (or have a professional do the same), or replace the door in its entirety. The best decision for you will ultimately depend on several factors, such as what material the door is made from, how old it is and so on. As for why your door sags in the first place, this could be due to Long-term exposure to the elements (particularly if the door is wood), The door getting bumped or hit, Poor ventilation inside the garage, which can produce humidity and cause swelling and shrinking , The weight of the door and a poorly installed opener (while these issues alone aren’t necessarily the cause of the sag, they can exacerbate the issue) So, you know your door is sagging, but you aren’t sure whether it makes more sense to repair or replace it. Call the experts at T.M.C. Garage Doors for the immediate action. .

Your Garage Door requires Repairing

If your door is relatively new and otherwise in good condition, it may prove wise to repair, rather than replace it. If your door has visible cracks, which is often the case when it sags, a garage door professional can likely fix the sag simply by adding a strut and adjusting the torsion springs (without taking the second step, the gears in the torsion springs will wear out prematurely). In some cases, two or more new struts may be necessary to effectively fix the sag issue. If the door is nearing the end of its lifespan. While there are many variables, most garage doors will last upwards of 30 years, if properly maintained. If your door is nearing the end of this timeline, it may benefit you financially to simply replace it now, rather than in a year or two, after you’ve sunk considerable money into repairs.

Security and Safety are our Primary Concern

We have always believed that customer’s satisfaction is the most important thing in any business. Our high garage door services , clear and easy estimates and reasonable budget has played a huge role in satisfying our customers. We focus on cleanliness and safety for our projects. Completion of the project in the estimated time will help you save time. We are always trying our best to please our customers through our quality services at competitive rates. We have already proved ourselves among our residential and commercial customers.So for safer, faster and secure repairment contact us now.

Project Closeout and Handover

We give a great deal of importance to project commissioning , closeout and handover.