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Garage Door Sensor Problem

With kids in and out for basketball practice, endless strands of Christmas lights and cords, and the dog running in and out of the garage, your garage door sensors can get knocked around pretty easily. The good news is that they’re also easy to put back in place. We are here to fix what you have broken.If your garage door goes up but will only come down when you work the wall switch, you probably have misaligned safety sensors. Check to see if the small light is lit up when you use the remote and there’s nothing blocking the door. If there’s no light, you likely need garage opener repair and will need to replace or realign the sensors. Please feel free to contact us in any case of sensor problem from simple to complex.

Repairment of Broken Sensors at Affordable Price

T.M.C Garage Door is well prepared to meet all your unique demands to solve the sensor problems. We try to provide high-quality sensor repairing at very reasonable prices according to your budget and requirements. We cover all the areas of garage door solutions . With years of experience in this industry and team of experts in the field we are here to provide you best garage door solutions.

Cleaning and Adjustment

Remove any debris, dust or cobwebs from the electric-eye lenses on each sensor with a clean rag. Cycle the garage door through the opening and closing actions using the control on the garage wall or the remote unit from a vehicle. If the door does not close completely without hesitation, proceed with adjusting the sensors.Loosen the small nuts that hold each sensor to the L-brackets with a small adjustable wrench. Loosen the nuts just enough so the sensors remain facing each other and can be moved by hand.Adjust each sensor in small increment by hand until the green or red power-indicator lights on each are illuminated. This indicates the electric eyes are aligned and the circuit is complete. Tighten the nuts on each sensor.Cycle the garage door open and closed as before. If it does not close completely and without hesitation, proceed to the next section to troubleshoot the electrical circuit. Warning: Undertaking repairs to appliances can be hazardous. Use the proper tools and safety equipment noted in the guide and follow all instructions. Do not proceed until you are confident

Project Closeout and Handover

We give a great deal of importance to project commissioning , closeout and handover.